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one night a space-ship will come to take me over/to leave this house and see the stars with you/it won't be a dream cause tomorrow i'll remember/i flew among the clouds and spent my night with you//i've got nowhere to go/i've got nowhere to stay/but let's forget god and pray

fields of children

are you willing, to admit/the birds under the sea?/are you willing, to fly with/a weird and fairy preacher over their heads?//take up your skull from the floor/before you have to wait back against the wall/see all the streets and sleeping holes/before someone else tries to open the door//growing up in the fields of children/down in the water, the melody of the preacher/a scare on face and a woman in his arms/a mistery suice floating in his heart

mystery machine

see those lights in the buildings/people are quiet and probably eat/burgers and dead tired kings/dig up the bones of an old and lost giant/and see that our home is not a protected land//oh fist when you’ll reach/the end of your journey/see that the skin of the peach/is not so sweet and funny/'got a baby inside of me/and a shadow closing its arms/pop corn coming back to pea/and a shameful tree turning warm//buildings are coming up from the sea/slowly from their beds to the city/i feel empty, no colors in my vein/i won’t bleed/i’ll always... feel the same//this is the last song

in the kingdom of plastic youth

there is blood on my feet/politics on the run/golden jails on the streets/and a life in a sun/sacred victory/beauty has failed/and the tails are all wrong/seek the truth in your bowels/and the lies in your head/seek the cause in the spells/in the butter you spread/sacred victory/beauty has failed/and the tales are all wrong//oh if you let me/your hat in home will you come to visit me?/who will it belong/my heart is here but it's made of stone/nevermind i'm burning the nails i will use to make holes in the ground


since i left my whole skin/spreaded the rest on the floor/they washed the skies with their sins/painted some lines on the floor/chiminees send some pipes to the ground/crashed cars by the end of the road/the bodies blew out so i couldn't hear a sound/the time is past now shall we reload//friends of mine by the space and time/over my head shapes of suicided gods/forsaken miles at the back of my mind/a taste of blood on the edge of my lips

inner mechanics for northern theories

is the truth what i say?/is what i choose who i am?/is the truth living today?/off the knife i had my time/last night i should have killed my self/last night i was julia roberts//this is just soft violence so let me tell you:/the theories are disconnected

with our deads

revealing the source of our tracks/i’m down i’m nothing/we’re living with our deads/we’re the same we’re dust/we are nothing

secret wars under june snows

it’s white and cold/producing church/the rude thoughts/going thru the paper/a monkey and the machine/but nothing at all/ghost town by the river of hope/pig flight/ between the trees/shining flames/into his eyes-the streets are full of nothing/ the days are endless evenings/leaving the way for secret wars-believe in what?/in the june snows or in gay santa claus?

jeanne balibar

thru the empty screen/beyond the valley of infinite trash/shade your head around thirsty fields/and keep in touch with a butterfly mouth/all that you wanna see is already dead/all that you wanna be is just in your head/between the months the time hasn’t past/give us some nerves so we’ll be three at last.



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